Description of the German Pinscher



friendly and active
diligent and alert
very intelligent and smart
lively and playfull
sense of humour
loyal to his own family
dynamic temperament
patient with children
courageous and not
frightened of pain
devoted to his master
great endurance
watchful without yelping


harmonious general impression
smooth haired
short haired coat
red or black and tan
height of withers 45-50 cm.
flowing outlines
square build
well developed muscles
nowadays ears and tail
are undocked

The German Pinscher is an intelligent, quick and smart achiever; he can be raised the way one wants him to be. He needs a consequent, but loving upbringing. The German Pinscher owns two alternate qualities of character: On the one hand he has a statical calmness, on the other hand the German Pinscher shows a lively and very dynamic temperament. These qualities seem contradictory, but belong to this breed.

The German Pinscher has a great endurance by birth and he likes to achieve physically. For example: He can easily take a 20 km. walk, once this ability is gradually acquired, and loves spending time with his master in this way. Less activity, however, will do as well. If the German Pinscher is able to walk, play and run outside every day, this enhances his gentle and patient character at home.

'Hey, look down there...'

Outdoors and in the country, the German Pinscher needs to be under strict control, for then, his lively, active temperament, which seems calm at home, suddenly bursts out. He is guided by his scent and nothing escapes his alert notice. Social abilities

The German Pinscher is playful and lively. Especially with children, his interaction is very gentle; he shows great patience and tolerance towards them. When it is time to play, the German Pinscher will be the first one to be around. 

He is not frightened of pain at all and he never seems to get exhausted during playtime. Generally, the interaction with other pets is excellent. Finally, the German Pinscher will defend his master, his family and his territory - if needed - till the end against evil. A proper and clear relation between master and dog will make the German Pinscher very devoted and undeniably reliable. Above all, however, he will make 'a friend for life'.

Good socialized and well brought up he wants to play with the children, visit restaurants, be on holiday, enjoy a pubterrace with his boss (without dragging the table along), visit the zoo (kept on a leash) etc.


Let's have a
look at this cat...

...but, I also love
the holidays !

The way he looks at you is a distinctive feature of the German Pinscher. One wil recognize his looks out of dozens. He's like a clown and seems to giggle at you and say: "Didn't you get it yet?!". This is why the German Pinscher, in his five centuries of existance, is known as 'the great actor'. Even these days the German Pinscher still tries to fool you in a funny way. So, don't say we did not warn you...

The name 'Pinscher'

'Didn't you get it yet?!'
The name 'Pinscher' refers to the typical way these dogs catch their prey. Pay attention to this; he crosses both of his legs when he catches something, like a cat does. Mainly because of this skill, the German Pinscher used to be a famous hunter for rodents in horsestables at farmhouses. Nowadays one can still see this peculiar way of 'pinching' when German Pinschers try catching a ball, for instance.
In the Netherlands the German Pinscher is still quite an exclusive breed. Between 1971 and 1990 there were 492 German Pinschers born in the Netherlands, so an average of 25 pups a year. Over the last few years, there is a 35 pups average yearly.

Old and wise...,
but still very playful !

12 years

When they see a black and tan German Pinscher, some people think that it is a 'miniature Dobermann'. This is, of course, a big mistake! Because of his tough origin and selective breeding, the German Pinscher is a strong dog, which, without problems worth mentioning, can easily reach the respectable age of 15 years.
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